Extra! Extra! Read all about it – Swine flu that is.

September 2, 1:39 PMAtlanta Faith & Family ExaminerPatricia Walston

Hard decisions to make regarding mass vaccinations.

Are we rushing to judgment like they did in 1976 when one soldier came down with Swine Flu at Ft. Dix during Gerald Ford’s Administration producing a hurry up vaccine and then rapidly giving it to the public before enough trials were completed. And after vaccinating 40 million people on the way to vaccinating 220 million in 1976 only to find out there was no spread of the flu as they had predicted and many people became ill, died, or were permanently disabled from just taking the shot – and the only death reported that year was the one original soldier.

Buyer Beware

This will be a tough call for a parent when they hear President Obama say that flu shots would be free to all students between the ages of 5 and 24. While voluntary, this will cause a lot of parents alarm and concern. They are talking about mass vaccinations in the schools – who will evaluate these students and make sure they do not have any underlying health problems that would make taking the flu shot dangerous? Will each child be examined or will they just stand in line and get hit with the vaccine? What about children going home that afternoon with no one home and experiencing bad even deadly side effect? These are vital questions parents need to ask. They need to be fully informed of all the ramifications and possibilities.
How can these students be medically followed in small towns should there be a violent outbreak of side effects of complications from the shots alone?
While this can be seen as a measure to prevent a pandemic – this again is taking away the doctor patient relationship in regard to health care – and should something go wrong who will be accountable – the parents for signing the paper, the school for administering it – the lab for making it – or the government for peddling it?
WSB Channel 2 News has a long list of articles on the swine flu at this site http://www.wsbtv.com/swine-flu/index.html It would behoove every citizen to be as informed as possible before going like a bunch of cattle to get this shot and they do not even know if it will work against H1N1 Flu Virus.
The articles are – Be sure and read the one about health care providers may elect not to get the shot and their reason. Looks like you got a lot of homework to do. Prayer for guidance and wisdom in protecting our families should be applied along with common sense and not hype or fear-mongering.
Gripe A H1N1

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